Simplicity is the New Infinity

. gadis biasa . bermimpi besar . senang membaca . bermain gitar . memanjakan kuping dengan musik . memanjakan mata dengan nonton . melelahkan kaki dengan jalan-jalan . memanfaatkan waktu dengan bermalas-malasan dan membuat sesuatu dari sesuatu . penyuka lelaki tampan . senang jus jeruk tapi lebih senang es teh manis . pemakan segala . mahasiswi yang malas-malasan . menunggu lulus tahun depan .


happy reading


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Here is list of books I’d like to buy and read …

Kreasi Perca Untuk Bayi dan Anak by Retno Andriani Hayano Handmade 

Ragam Kreasi Dari Kulit Sintetis by Indah Apsari Mochie2 Felt

No One to Someone by Nina Moran, founder of GoGirl! Magazine 

There :) gotta save up to buy em all :)

Finally, Tony Juhari S.St, Graduated on the 22nd of December 2012 (sad, should be graduated with him and the others that day T.T) but am proud of him :3


Yesterday was my 24th birthday. Damn, time goes really fast right? Where has it gone? LOL, feels like yesterday when I was still about 5 or so and I became a kindergarten student with my Daddy always by my side and now I am in my last year in university.

If you think that I was waiting for my birthday to come, you aren’t wrong but you aren’t right either. I was waiting for it but then I think that nothing special was gonna happen anyway, sooo and I was kinda sad as well, felt many mixed feelings.

Was hoping for a surprise or something. Like when I open the door of my room then people will come out and scream and sing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ with a big cake and candles all around it then they will ask me to blow the candles and make a wish *sigh* but I knew it was never gonna happen and it didn’t eventually.

Shouldn’t be complaining actually because I had many greetings and birthday wishes yesterday as well as one from Google, Foursquare and a hospital that I used to check my health, LOL, unexpected.

If you asked me how was my birthday yesterday, I would answer it was okay and nothing so special happened. Just woke up with my Dad and Mum saying happy birthday and then I went to look for something for my Auntie in Cyprus but eventually we didn’t find it and me ended up buying a blouse as a present from my Dad and then in the afternoon my Boyfriend picked me up from my home and we went to watch Breaking Down part II, he paid off course, LOL.

It was upsetting at first, because he had to go to Jakarta for an interview so I thought I wasn’t gonna spend the day with him, but eventually he came so I feel grateful for that, even though I know he was tired but he still came and said happy birthday to me and took me to the cinema.

When we arrived at Braga, his motorcycle’s tire got flat, so unfortunately we had to come outside and repair it and it was pretty far and I had to walk to go and join him who was looking for a tire reparation place, fiuh.

Suddenly Rain came and it was raining hard thus we had to wait for almost two hours in the tire reparation place, that was tiring and I was kinda disappointed and wanted to go home instead but he persisted to watch that movie, so we went to BIP after the rain a bit subsided, Thank God.

So, finally after the rain and after all the wet clothes on the motorbike we arrived and finally watched that movie, my mood got better after we sat on the cinema’s chair, LOL.

It was an ordinary day actually and kinda disappointing. Okay fine I am an adult so there’s no need for a celebration at least. Somehow I don’t know I feel disappointed. I wanted a surprise as I mentioned above, I wanted a cake, after so long I never eat cakes anymore in my birthday. Okay I can eat cakes anytime I want doesn’t have to be on my birthday and it’s not a must as well, but I don’t know I just wanted it.

A surprise as well coz I like surprises and I like making surprises for my friends but somehow I don’t know people don’t bother to make me a surprise, not even my boyfriend, yeah even though I know he’s not that kind of person, but can’t he do it at least once in a year, only on my birthday or maybe our anniversary? *sigh* maybe next time I should expect less, thus I will be happier if things don’t turn out the ways I want them to.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Just want everything to be better this year and also want to graduate very very soon, wish me luck!

Many things that happened to me in these recent days and I would like to share it to you readers, but was to lazy to even open my Tumblr, LOL, so here go some of the stories that happened to me from previous days ago …

29th August 2012

A package arrived for me! And it was from Youthdew, I ordered a pompom necklace from a craft blog on the internet Youthdew Vintage, it sells vintage stuff starting from bags, wallets and pompom necklaces and bracelets, I loved them from the very first time I read that blog, so one day I ordered my first pompom necklace from them and the one that arrived today was my second necklace, I totally love it! It came with beautiful paper box, I love the colour of the necklace and also the shape, basically I love pompoms and something handmade and something made with colourful knitting yarns and this necklace has it all :D

1st September 2012

Me and my classmates went to a friend’s house in Batu Jajar, Cimahi. it was our 4th touring together as classmates and also was the most tiring one! But it was alotta fun! I almost forgot all of my problems when we were playing and touring together, okay would love to share everything about this trip but it’s gonna take very long thus, I will make it short here and would like to make another note about the trip later, but basically we traveled from Bandung (actually from our campus) together in the morning, it was supposedly 7 am but then we had everybody coming 3 hours later *sigh* it was a long day and a very tiring journey, Bandung-Batu Jajar took about 2 hours long, then we shopped at the local market to buy food for our lunch, kangkung, tahu, tempe, fruits to make rujak, spices, kerupuk and not to forget our favourite of all, yes, please welcome JENGKOL! LOL after that we arrived at Windi’s house and started splitting the work to cook, some had to peel and cut the veggies and everything, some had to fry some stuff and some had to wash up and some (mostly the guys) were doing nothing but talking -____-” after all finished we all ate together in havoc and no use of manner at all, LOL and planned what to do after we finished eating and after some discussions we went to Waduk Saguling and sailed! It was really fun! it took us 3 hours to finish the whole trip, going around the lake, stopped by at the dam to take pray (and for some of us to take pics) and then continued our trip to go back home :) it was so far the most awesome yet tiring trip, I had fun and forgot my problems, joked and gathered around with my friends really helped me to cheer up. In between the trip we took pictures! On the boat, at the dam, beside the lake, at Windi’s house and everywhere! FUN! But sadly maybe this would the last trip for us, because most of us will graduate this year and find a job thus we will split up :(

Our fave dessert after lunch is … watermelon!

Beautiful ladies

In front of Windi’s house, me, Widya, Raisa and Idris

At the dam. You can see our happy faces there :D

6th September 2012

I had some quality time with my friend Nurry and Widya, I came to my flat so Nurry could come over and get a help from me to translate her CV, she wanted to apply for a job at a bank and eventually she got it! Congrats to her, she is amazing. And then the most awated moment finally came, I got my ordered neckalce from my favourite handmade and indie jewelry line Kimilatta. My blue baby dream catcher finally arrived! I love dream catcher neckalces especially one made by Kimilatta, the are really alluring and sweet and of course limited edition so, you won’t see many people wearing the same kind jewelry like you do :D even though the price is quite high but it worth it coz it’s really beautiful and neatly handmade :) gonna post some pics of the lovely necklace later :3

One other the most awaited moment, my Junior High School Friend Nisa, who now owns an online cake shop came to my flat and gave free Rainbow Jar Cakes that she made! OMG! *drooling* at first I wanted to buy them, coz I like the rainbow jar cakes that she made. The first time I tried rainbow cake was the one she made, so I instantly fell in love with it at the first time! Yummy! But then because we know each other and because of Idul Fitri, she gave the cakes free for me. Two Rainbow Jar Cakes, one with vanilla icing and one with cream cheese topping. Ooooh, writting this makes me want it again! Gonna post some pics about the jar cakes that my friend gave me later :3

And today I once again painted on canvas, even though it isn’t that good and hasn’t finished yet, but I like it. Painting has always been my desire and passion :D also gonna post some pics later, have some probs with the cable thingy.

8th September 2012

This was the highlight of the week and the happiest moment of all. My boyfriend came back from his holiday in Bali for a week and he picked me up from my home, he gave me some gifts from Bali, a pair of Bali beach flip flops with flowers on them, love them! Then we went to my flat, we were gonna watch a harp concert but we cancelled it for some reasons even though I would really love to watch it, but never mind, I ended up having some quality time together, what did we do? Well, usual thing that you do with your boyfriend, LOL, that was the sweetest moment, finally I could spend a whole day with him.

After a day full of chitchat, cuddles and kisses *blushing* we went to go dinner, at first I wanted to eat mie ayam for dinner but when we finally reached the place, the mie ayam parlor was already closed so we went to eat at Iga Bakar Si Jangkung instead, because we already parked in front of the parlor :p that was yummy and that was the yummiest dinner I’ve ever eaten and of course I can say it is romantic coz I spent it with someone so special :3

To finish all of that we went to Ciwalk for a photo shoot, after almost ten months together we finally took pics together as a couple! We went to M Studio and did a photo box! At least now I have photos that I can look at before I go to sleep :3 will post the pic later.

We ended up the night with him dropping me at my house and a thank you text because he had spared his time with me that day :D

9th September 2012

I went to my cousin’s wedding in Purwakarta. As part of our Sundanese culture, the man has to be transmitted by his family to escort his wife to be at the bride’s house, so we did and we took all of the presents for her. It was a simple wedding but still it was very holy. After we arrived and did some ceremonial stuff, we were allowed to eat and I tried everything! After that we took some pics and went home even though it was still 3 in the afternoon, LOL, not to long but still very tiring. Best wishes for you big coz, wish you to have a shakinah, mawadah, warrahmah family, have good kids and will stay as husband and wife forever. Aaamiiin.

11 September 2012

Again. I ordered a bag from my most fave craft blog, it is called Hayanohandmade, it was a simple bag made with cotton and with a pic of a raccoon in front of it. It is very cute, I was so happy finally it arrived! Now I have a new bag! And the owner even gave me a small flower brooch as a bonus, aaah really love it! Thanks Mba Enno from Hayanohandmade :)

Aaand, my boyfriend visited me at my flat after his work and we talked and had some time together, even though I didn’t want to go home, finally as usual he dropped me home :(

12th September 2012

I went to Raisa’s flat in the morning and we talked had breakfast and everything and then we went to Tamim with Marda, he wanted to buy some fabrics to make a pair of pants and I ended up buying this cute fabrics with cherry prints on top of it, really love it! And Raisa went to our usual tailor to cut her pants and then went to ABC to fix her watch, after that we went to King’s to search for a pair of shoes, but didn’t buy anything, Raisa couldn’t decide what she really wanted, and I saw a really cute dress in one of the shop. Gonna buy it when I have enough money. Now I am thinking to sell those cute fabrics that I saw in Tamim online. Yes I’ve gotta! yeah!

Sooo that’s it. Got some burdens on my mind actually but don’t want to share them  here (yet) better share some good memories eh people? :D stay updated please with my ordinary life.


Seorang pelukis bisa melukiskan kekosongan sekalipun
Tiang. Perahu Kertas
Kadang-kadang langit bisa kelihatan seperti lembar kosong. Padahal sebenarnya tidak. Bintang kamu tetap di sana. Bumi hanya sedang berputar.
Dee. Perahu Kertas
Carilah orang yang nggak perlu meminta apa-apa, tapi kamu mau memberikan segala-segalanya.
Dee. Perahu Kertas
Hati kamu mungkin memilihku, seperti juga hatiku selalu memilihmu. Tapi hati bisa bertumbuh dan bertahan dengan pilihan lain. Kadang, begitu saja sudah cukup. Sekarang aku pun merasa cukup.
Dee. Perahu Kertas
Karena hati tak perlu memilih, ia selalu tahu kemana harus berlabuh
Dee. Perahu Kertas